T2 Mar’s and other Videoke Places in Metrowalk

All of us from our office went to T2 Mar’s in Metrowalk, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City for Videoke. We went after office hours, 1:00 am to 4:00 am (well for some of us, after midnight are our office hours and some waited with us as they end the day at 8pm).

It was fun as you’d expect a videoke session to be. There was booze and plenty of food and of course lots of really good and professional singing (hehehe).

It wasn’t fun before the night began though. When we were working, a T2 Mar’s rep called and wanted to assign us to a smaller room because our group was smaller than another group. Even though we booked four days ahead, they were trying to change what we have already paid for. Someone mucked up and booked another group in the same room before we booked but didn’t document it. I didn’t give in to her wishes because we really couldn’t fit into their smaller rooms; I know, as I’ve been there several times. After a lengthy conversation they said that they will just do something to arrange their mess and phone us back.

They didn’t phone back but when we arrived, they converted their outside hall for the larger group and we had our room.

T2 Mar’s facilities are fine for a really awesome Videoke experience. Their food is also surprisingly good. Try their fried chicken, cheese sticks (but Metro Phi, Metrowalk cheese sticks are the best), Crispy Pata and sisig. They have also recently accepted credit cards for payment. They can also produce an OR for you but they don’t actually produce receipts. We asked for an OR for everything and we were given that but when we ordered for another set of drinks, we just gave them money and they gave us our drinks. That’s it.

I almost forgot (how could I? tsk tsk); the Cashier didn’t know how to process a credit card payment that would let you enter a pin so I missed my few songs reserved. I didn’t know how to use those swiping machines but I was the one who followed the right instructions for her that made the payment go through. She kept on saying that the card was declined when it’s not and when I finally stepped in and assisted her it went. Phew. She wasn’t apologetic and said thank you but her humiliation is enough for me. My foreign boss and I didn’t rub it in.

I have also tried other Videoke places in Metrowalk: Chicago, Elbow Room and Platinum.

Chicago is expensive and every time it feels like a rip off with how much you’re paying in relation to what you’re getting. T2 Mar’s food is better as well. We go to Chicago if there are no T2 Mar’s rooms available. But it’s better or cleaner, it’s just not as much fun every time we’re there, I’m not sure why. Let me now ponder on that because that got me thinking. Their rooms are small and it feels like being cramped in a small space. I think their room for 8 should be only be for maximum 6.

Elbow Room Videoke rooms aren’t really Videoke-only function rooms as you can also play billiards so singing isn’t really concentrated. It’s as fun if you are into billiards. It’s value for money and it’s a cooler, hipper place than T2 Mar’s definitely. I cannot compare Elbow Room to Chicago as they’re really different.

Platinum was expensive and you get the same singing fun anyways in other places so I guess if there are no rooms available in other places, go to Platinum. Platinum is near Mugen and I feel like the area has prettier and trendier customers.

Um, that’s it.



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